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 Artloop Feb
This month’s Art Loop featured photographers:
Andrew Bale and Jon Cox
Gallery Open House is Fri March 4, 2016
Come join us! 5pm – 8pm 

Ese’Eja – The True People.

The Ese’Eja believe they climbed down to Earth from a cotton thread in the sky. The elders in their community point out the exact spot in the forest of this legendary descent. A traditionally nomadic community, the Ese’Eja have a long history that demonstrates a spiritual connection with the Amazon. Their nomadic lifestyle began to change in the late 19th century when rubber was discovered and rubber tappers created permanent settlements in the Amazonian region. The Ese’Eja hunter-gatherer way of life was further disrupted with the arrival of missionaries from the 1910s to 1930s. Ese’Eja children were taken away from their families to live in mission schools in Puerto Maldonado. Permanent settlement initiatives of the Ese’Eja people continued when the Peruvian military government of Velasco introduced indigenous peoples land rights reform in the early 1970s giving land titles to individual communities. However, the title and actual acreage was only a small percentage of the Ese’Eja original ancestral home range. These newly demarcated boundaries limited and even excluded Ese’Eja access to sacred sites and many of the traditional hunting, fishing, and gathering areas that they relied on before the land reform policies of the 1970s.

To this day, the Ese’Eja have limited access to their ancestral lands due to land rights battles with the Peruvian government. Mining operations pollute their waters and logging operations deplete their forests. These extraction practices have culminated in a devastating loss of wildlife populations and biodiversity. As a result, younger generations of Ese’Eja have limited opportunities to experience the traditions of their elders.

Facing a range of challenges, the Ese’Eja community is taking steps to protect their history and preserve their natural resources. In the words of Carlos Dejaviso Poje, president of the Ese’Eja Nation: “I worry most about losing the indigenous knowledge of our people. It would be a cultural genocide if we lost our customs and we didn’t know how to value what our ancestors valued.”

The photography of Andrew Bale and Jon Cox takes you deep into the Peruvian rainforest with the Ese’Eja, one of the worlds last remaining hunting and gathering indigenous tribes. These images explore a culture that hangs in the balance after being removed from their ancestral lands.

Jon Cox currently teaches documentary photography/video, digital media, foundation design and is developing a new interdisciplinary cross-college design process practicum course.  Cox’s most recent photography work is a documentary book about the Hadza Hunter Gatherers of Tanzania.  The goal of his collaborative project that began in 2006 is to raise awareness about indigenous peoples’ land rights and reduce the negative stigma surrounding hunter-gatherers. The documentary book is being printed in English and Swahili and will be distributed worldwide.

Bale has been a full-time Lecturer of Photography at Dickinson College since 2013, and served as an adjunct professor of Photography prior to that from 2005 until 2012. Most recently, he was a photography team member for the Ese’Eja Cultural Mapping Project, supported by a National Geographic Legacy Fund Grant.  Bale’s photographs are included in the permanent collections of Caisse d’Epargne in Tolouse, the Photomedia Center and Messiah College in Pennsylvania, and at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia.

See more about the Project:

See more of Andrew’s Work:

See more of Jon’s Work:



This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, Peter B. Kaplan
Gallery Open House is Fri October 2nd, 2015
Come join us! 5pm – 8pm

Gallery Reception Friday Oct 2nd from 5-8pm
World Renowned Height Photographer
Peter B. Kaplan !!

As a part of Friday’s Art Loop on Oct 2nd from 5-8pm, Studio on Market will show the photographic work of Peter B. Kaplan, thus offering a unique opportunity to experience Kaplan’s work in large prints and meet the artist.

Over the past forty years, Kaplan has captured majestic views from the tops of America’s mightiest architectural treasures. From California to New York, perched several hundred feet above ground on the top of bridges and skyscrapers; Kaplan invented and refined the art of Height Photography.

Mr. Kaplan’s photographs have also been placed in time capsules under the Empire State Building for its 50th Anniversary and the Brooklyn Bridge for it’s 100th Anniversary, and in the Chrysler Building during its 50th Anniversary Restoration. He was awarded the title the “Preferred Photographer” of the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, Inc. where his photographs were also placed in a time capsule under the Statue. Both of his children’s middle names are “Liberty”.

We are very proud to show Kaplan’s work at Studio on Market. His iconic photographs are an extraordinary representation of our country’s greatest architectural wonders.

Come join us for Art Loop and meet Peter — everyone, including photographers both established and emerging, can learn a lot from Peter’s photography and experiences.

He will have some of his books and first day cover available for sale !


 Liz architectural
This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, Liz Besanson
Gallery Open House is Fri August 7th, 2015
Come join us! 5pm – 8pm

“Into the Light” The gallery will showcase images that are modern, minimal with a bit of whimsy. These images were photographed during a time of personal struggle. In that time, I began to photograph things that I saw shaped and changed the light that I hadn’t seen before as well as things that were clean and white.

The images photographed in this gallery will reflect where I am currently headed both in my personal life and in my photography career.
Liz Besanson is a freelance published photographer originally from NYC who now resides with her husband and daughter in Newark, DE.

Her work has graced many fashion magazines from Zink, Vogue Italia, Material Girl, Black Magazine to name a few. She has been featured on
Refinery 29 for her collaborative work with Philly designer, Autumnlin Atelier who was recently featured on Rihanna’s designer show, “Styled to Rock”.
Liz’s style is both cutting edge and ethereal. She creatively uses natural and studio lighting that conveys emotion as well as her personal style.

See more of Liz’s work at:

JUNE / JULY 2015

Processed with Moldiv


This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, Linda Solomon
Gallery Open House is Fri JULY 10, 2015
Come join us! 5pm – 8pm

“…am always obliged to go and gaze at a blade of grass, a pine-tree branch, an ear of wheat, to calm myself”….Vincent van Gogh July 1889

Linda Solomon also turns to nature for solace.

Linda is an artist and a molecular biologist at the DuPont Company. As a scientist, Linda understands and manipulates the blueprint of life itself. As an artist, she digitally manipulates flowers and plants she photographs into pieces of art that are truly unique. Poppies become butterflies, ferns are turned into mysterious creatures and flowers become cavernous spaces with stalactite and stalagmite fingers.

Linda is an intuitive artist, she has no formal training.

“Photography is my paint.

The computer the canvas.

My imagination is free.

Take a look

I am not one for words and lengthy descriptions that bias the mind

Let yourself see my art as it is.

This is my experiment.”


Linda’s art is available at BELLEFONTE ARTS (Bellefonte, DE)

MARCH 2015
John Corcoran 4
This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, John Corcoran
Gallery Open House rescheduled to Fri March 13, 2015
Come join us! 5pm – 8pm


Come see the show on Friday 3/13/2015 from 5-8pm at Studio on Market.

John has been a professional photographer and the president of Sterling Commercial Photography in New Cumberland, PA for over 30 years. He has worked with clients both nationally and abroad. He has earned a Masters of Photography Certificate from the Professional Photographers of America awarded in 1989.

John has exhibited prints at the Immaculata Art Show and two two-man shows at the Doshi Gallery and Harrisburg Art Association in Harrisburg, PA. He has taught basic photography at the Harrisburg Art Association and Pennsylvania State University, Middletown Campus, Middletown, PA. His work was also exhibited at the Kodak Pavilion, Epcot, Disney World Florida on three separate occasions for illustrative commercial photography.

The national photographic publication Rangefinder Magazine featured John’s work and commercial lighting techniques in two issues in three years. Examples of his work and special effect lighting techniques were also highlighted in several chapters of “Industrial Photography” by Jack Nubart published by Amphoto (1989), New York.

In recent years John has worked to master the unusual and difficult technique of light-painting. All of the images on display in our gallery have been produced with this technique. Light-painting also plays an important role in his portraiture and commercial product photography. John continuously strives for a fresh point of view and meaning in his work.

To see more of John’s work:





This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, Harold Ross
Gallery reception September 5, 2014
Come join us! 4pm – 9pm


Clothes Line, Maine


Harold Ross’s photographs exist because of the transformative quality of light he creates. The process he uses, typically referred to as “light painting”, involves the building up of light over time, and so the light in his images is beyond the eye’s normal scope of vision.

His process is more aptly called “sculpting with light”, as he uses light to render extraordinary detail, shape and dimension in his subjects.

Ross says: “In my process, the camera is stationary and I’m in motion, applying the light, choosing what to highlight and what to obscure. I’m shaping the scene in a way that takes it beyond the limits of our everyday vision, for what you see in my photographs cannot exist in nature nor in one moment in time. Instead, it’s the result of a merging or gathering of light. Things beyond their prime, and the ordinary objects and places we take for granted, are celebrated as things worth looking at.”

Work from several of Ross’ series will be at the gallery: “Forged”, images of tools and machinery used in the days when things were made by hand; “Shopcraft”, images of working spaces; “Night”, landscapes photographed at night with light painting, and “Still”, a series of still life images created mainly in the studio.

Ross’s large scale color work has been exhibited, published and collected in the U.S. and internationally. In 2011, Harold was invited to participate in an exhibition of landscape photography in Inner Mongolia, along with 10 American and 20 Chinese photographers. Recent publications include Photo China Magazine as well as LensWork #93, Ukraine Photographer, and The New York Times Lens Blog, among others. He was one of four photographers to exhibit in the inaugural FRESH exhibition at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

To see Harold’s work, please visit


JUNE 2014


This month’s Art Loop featured photographer, Kevin Fleming
Gallery reception June 6, 2014
Come join us! 4pm – 9pm


KevinFleming beach

This month Studio On Market will be showcasing Kevin Fleming!

A Delaware native, Kevin began his career as a newspaper photographer, spent a decade as a National Geographic photographer and most recently has concentrated on creating books. His photography has won many national and international awards. Kevin has photographed the diverse wildlife living in the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia area.
Delaware’s best known photographer, Kevin Fleming, will be exhibiting his favorite wildlife, nature, and coastal Delaware photographs during the month of June. Included will be images from his most recent bestselling book The Beach and autographed copies of the book will be available.

You can see these creatures in his book Wild Delmarva. He also created a photographic history book for the state of Delaware titled Landmarks and Legacies, which features all of Delaware’s historic points of interest. His most recent book is titled “The Beach”, which captures the wildlife, nature and beauty of coastal Delaware. Kevin has published twenty-three books to date.

Kevin Fleming has covered the world as a photographer for National Geographic and has been recognized America’s Best Observer by Readers Digest. His assignments have taken him into war and famine in Somalia, to the Mediterranean for a re-creation of the voyage of Ulysses and put him on a dogsled crossing the Canadian arctic.

To see more of Kevin’s work: